Where Your Dream Gardens Come True...

Founded in 1911, Nyee Phoe's traditional yet timeless belief in creating holistic experiences transcends through years. The meticulous attention to detail is what delivers the mark of quality to a diverse clientele. By marrying natural beauty with modern aesthetics to evoke a sense of inner peace and harmony, the presence of a personal touch ensures one and all an experience that is at once exciting and reassuring.

From it's early days, Nyee Phoe has moved several times before where we now sit on 2-hectres along Neo Tiew Crescent. Staying ahead of it's time, Nyee Phoe recognized itself into three divisions for specialization and scalability. The three companies focus on their respective clientele while leveraging on one another to strengthen the Nyee Phoe legacy.

Today, The Nyee Phoe Group is a well-established landscape architect company. Together with Petals & Leaves (creative floral services) and Gardenasia(nature-based events company) , The Nyee Phoe Group is a formidable front.